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Friday, October 2, 2009

Calling All Real Estate Agents

Searching For A SCENTsational Marketing Tool?

Well I have the answer for you.
Try Scentsy!

Why SCENTSY and Real Estate?
  • Scentsy Makes a Marvelous Marketing Tool - Everyone loves a home with an inviting smell, try Sugar Cookie Today!  Scentsy has more than 80 fragrant scents and 40+ warmers
  • Scentsy Becomes the Closing Gift of Choice - High quality, creative and meets the RE gifting guidelines 
  • Scentsy Becomes a Continuous Source of Income - Be the first consultant in your office!  Others will want to know where your clients got their wonderful Scentsy products.  Not Sold In Stores - they will look to YOU for more Scentsy products.
  • Scentsy Keeps You in Constant Contact - Each scent of the month is perfect for "Pop-Bys" - keeping you in the forefront of your clients mind, leading to more RE referrals!
To experience Scentsy for yourself or your office please contact me via email, leave a comment of interest, or just place on order on my all new website

Ask me about my "bulk" program.

1 Scent-Sational Comments:

Web Hosting said...

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